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A breathtaking photograph capturing the vibrant colors of a sunset over Yosemite National Park.

Sunset over Yosemite

Sunset over Yosemite


Captured in the tranquil embrace of Yosemite National Park in August 2023, this photograph encapsulates a moment of unparalleled natural splendor. The sun gracefully descends, casting its golden hues over the iconic silhouettes of Half Dome and El Capitan Mountain.

As I wandered along the park's winding trails, I was enraptured by the breathtaking vista that unfolded before me. The majesty of Half Dome, its granite face aglow with the warm embrace of the setting sun, stood in harmonious contrast to the rugged grandeur of El Capitan. It was a scene of nature's finest artistry, a canvas painted with the rich palette of twilight.

The interplay of light and shadow, the dance of colors across the horizon, created a spectacle that words can scarcely capture. In this fleeting moment, Yosemite revealed its timeless allure, inviting all who beheld it to share in its transcendent beauty.

This photograph serves as a cherished memento of that awe-inspiring evening, a testament to the enduring magic that Yosemite bestows upon its fortunate visitors. It is a reminder that nature, in its grandeur, offers moments of pure, unfiltered wonder that leave an indelible mark on the soul.


Limited Edition Prints (50 of each size)

•Small (image size 18” x 12”)
•Medium (image size 30” x 20”)
•Large (image size 42” x 28”)


The photo is printed on Fine Art Paper, known for its unique and textured surfaces. Paper is acid- and lignin-free and of museum quality, ensuring high resistance to aging.


2” outside white border on all prints.

Certificate of Authenticity Included


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These prints are NOT framed! We recommend professional framing for the best presentation. Framed images are shown for visual scale reference.


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